Buckwheat Pillow 荞麦枕头 20x40cm

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小枕头  Small Pillow

大小(Size): 20x40cm

功能 Benefit

Buckwheat pillow use


Buckwheat pillow Small1

A1 (Bear),A2 (Rabbit)
Buckwheat pillow Small2

B1 (Cat), B2 (Dog)
Buckwheat pillow Small3

C1 (Bear), C2 (Cat)Buckwheat pillow Small4

D1 (Rabbit), D2 (Doraemon)Buckwheat pillow Small5

E1 (Cow), E2 (Dog), E3 (Sheep)Buckwheat pillow small6

F1 (Cat), F2 (Tiger)Buckwheat pillow small7

G1 (ChinChan), G2 (Hello Kitty)


When you want to buy, please write the type and color that you want(Example: G1 Pink) at the column below the page before checkout.. Thank you..

在购买之前,请在备注的地方填写你所要的种类和颜色(例子:G1 粉色),备注是在您Checkout前的那一页的下方。谢谢。

Buckwheat pillow



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